Modeler3D.create_spiral(internal_radius=10, spacing=1, faces=8, turns=10, width=2, thickness=1, elevation=0, material='copper', name=None)[source]#

Create a spiral inductor from a polyline.

internal_radiusfloat, optional

Internal starting point of spiral. Default is 10.

spacingfloat, optional

Internal pitch between two turns. Default is 1.

facesint, optional

Number of faces per turn. Default is 8 as an octagon.

turnsint, optional

Number of turns. Default is 10.

widthfloat, optional

Spiral width. Default is 2.

thicknessfloat, optional

Spiral thickness. Default is 1.

elevationfloat, optional

Spiral elevation. Default is`0`.

materialstr, optional

Spiral material. Default is “copper”.

namestr, optional

Spiral name. Default is None.

bool, pyaedt.modeler.Object3d.Polyline

Polyline object or False if it fails.