Modeler3D.create_spiral(internal_radius=10, spacing=1, faces=8, turns=10, width=2, thickness=1, elevation=0, material='copper', name=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Create a spiral inductor from a polyline.

internal_radiusfloat, optional

Internal starting point of spiral. Default is 10.

spacingfloat, optional

Internal pitch between two turns. Default is 1.

facesint, optional

Number of faces per turn. Default is 8 as an octagon.

turnsint, optional

Number of turns. Default is 10.

widthfloat, optional

Spiral width. Default is 2.

thicknessfloat, optional

Spiral thickness. Default is 1.

elevationfloat, optional

Spiral elevation. Default is`0`.

materialstr, optional

Spiral material. Default is “copper”.

namestr, optional

Spiral name. Default is None.


Additional keyword arguments may be passed when creating the primitive to set properties. See pyaedt.modeler.cad.object3d.Object3d for more details.

bool, pyaedt.modeler.Object3d.Polyline

Polyline object or False if it fails.