Configuration files#

This module contains all methods to export project settings to a JSON file and import and apply settings to a new design. Currently the configuration cover the following apps: * HFSS * Q2D and Q3D Extractor * Maxwell * Icepak * Mechanical

The sections covered are:

  • Variables

  • Mesh operations

  • Setup and optimetrics

  • Material properties

  • Object properties

  • Boundaries and excitations

When a boundary is attached to a face, the tool tries to match it with a FaceByPosition on the same object name on the target design. If, for any reason, this face position has changed or the object name in the target design has changed, the boundary fails to apply.


Enables export and import of a JSON configuration file that can be applied to a new or existing design.


Options class for the configurations.


Contains the results of the import operations.

from pyaedt import Hfss
app = Hfss(project_name="original_project", specified_version="2023.1",
             non_graphical=False, new_desktop_session=True,
             close_on_exit=True, student_version=False)

conf_file = self.aedtapp.configurations.export_config()

app2 = Hfss(projec_name='newproject')
out = app2.configurations.import_config(conf_file)