Modeler3D.change_region_padding(padding_data, padding_type, direction=None, region_name='Region')[source]#

Change region padding settings.

padding_datastr or list of str

Padding value (with unit if necessary). A list of padding values must have corresponding elements in padding_type and direction arguments.

padding_typestr or list of str

Padding type. Available options are "Percentage Offset", "Transverse Percentage Offset", "Absolute Offset", "Absolute Position".

directionstr or list of str, optional

Direction to which apply the padding settings. A direction can be "+X", "-X", “+Y”`, "-Y", "+Z" or "-Z". Default is None, in which case all the directions are used (in the order written in the previous sentence).

region_namestr optional

Region name. Default is Region.


True if successful, else None.


>>> import pyaedt
>>> app = pyaedt.Icepak()
>>> app.modeler.change_region_padding("10mm", padding_type="Absolute Offset", direction="-X")