Maxwell2d.enable_harmonic_force_on_layout_component(assignment: str, nets: dict, force_type: int = 0, window_function: str = 'Rectangular', use_number_of_last_cycles: bool = True, last_cycles_number: int = 1, calculate_force: str = 'Harmonic', start_time: str = '0s', stop_time: str = '2ms', use_number_of_cycles_for_stop_time: bool = True, number_of_cycles_for_stop_time: int = 1, include_no_layer: bool = True) bool[source]#

Enable the harmonic force calculation for the transient analysis.


Name of layout component to apply harmonic forces to.


Dictionary containing nets and layers to enable harmonic forces on.

force_typeint, optional

Force Type. 0 for Objects, 1 for Surface, 2 for volumetric.

window_functionstr, optional

Windowing function. Default is "Rectangular". Available options are: "Rectangular", "Tri", "Van Hann", "Hamming", "Blackman", "Lanczos", "Welch".

use_number_of_last_cyclesbool, optional

Use number Of last cycles for force calculations. Default is True.

last_cycles_numberint, optional

Defines the number of cycles to compute if use_number_of_last_cycle is True.

calculate_forcestr, optional

How to calculate force. The default is "Harmonic". Options are "Harmonic" and "Transient".

start_timestr, optional

Harmonic Force Start Time. Default is "0s".

stop_timestr, optional

Harmonic Force Stop Time. Default is "2ms".

use_number_of_cycles_for_stop_timebool, optional

Use number of cycles for force stop time calculations. Default is True.

number_of_cycles_for_stop_timeint, optional

Number of cycles for force stop time calculations. Default is 1.

include_no_layerbool, optional

Whether to include "<no-layer>" layer or not (used for vias). Default is True.


True when successful, False when failed.