Maxwell2d.assign_current_density(assignment, current_density_name=None, phase='0deg', current_density_x='0', current_density_y='0', current_density_z='0', current_density_2d='0', coordinate_system='Global', coordinate_system_type='Cartesian')[source]#

Assign current density to a single or list of entities.

This method specifies the x-, y-, and z-components of the current density in a conduction path.


Objects to assign the current to.

current_density_namestr, optional

Current density name. If no name is provided a random name is generated.

phasestr, optional

Current density phase. Available units are ‘deg’, ‘degmin’, ‘degsec’ and ‘rad’. Default value is 0deg.

current_density_xstr, optional

Current density X coordinate value. Default value is 0 A/m2.

current_density_ystr, optional

Current density Y coordinate value. Default value is 0 A/m2.

current_density_zstr, optional

Current density Z coordinate value. Default value is 0 A/m2.

current_density_2dstr, optional

Current density 2D value. Default value is 0 A/m2.

coordinate_systemstr, optional

Coordinate system name. Default value is ‘Global’.

coordinate_system_typestr, optional

Coordinate system cartesian. Possible values can be "Cartesian", "Cylindrical", and "Spherical". Default value is "Cartesian".


True when successful, False when failed.