Maxwell2d.assign_end_connection(objects, resistance=0, inductance=0, bound_name=None)[source]#

Assign an end connection to a list of objects.

objectslist of int or str or pyaedt.modeler.cad.object3d.Object3d

List of objects to assign an end connection to.

resistancefloat or str, optional

Resistance value. If float is provided, the units are assumed to be ohms. The default value is 0,

inductancefloat or str, optional

Inductance value. If a float is provided, the units are assumed to Henry (H). The default value is 0.

bound_namestr, optional

Name of the end connection boundary. The default is None, in which case the default name is used.


Newly created object. False if it fails.


>>> oModule.AssignEndConnection