Enabling Control Program in a Maxwell 2D Project#

This example shows how you can use PyAEDT to enable control program in a Maxwell 2D project. It shows how to create the geometry, load material properties from an Excel file and set up the mesh settings. Moreover, it focuses on post-processing operations, in particular how to plot field line traces, relevant for an electrostatic analysis.

Perform required imports#

Perform required imports.

from pyaedt import downloads
from pyaedt import generate_unique_folder_name
from pyaedt import Maxwell2d

Set non-graphical mode#

Set non-graphical mode. "PYAEDT_NON_GRAPHICAL" is needed to generate documentation only. You can set non_graphical either to True or False.

non_graphical = False

Download .aedt file example#

Set local temporary folder to export the .aedt file to.

temp_folder = generate_unique_folder_name()
aedt_file = downloads.download_file("maxwell_ctrl_prg", "ControlProgramDemo.aedt", temp_folder)
ctrl_prg_file = downloads.download_file("maxwell_ctrl_prg", "timestep_only.py", temp_folder)

Launch Maxwell 2D#

Launch Maxwell 2D.

m2d = Maxwell2d(projectname=aedt_file,

Set active design#

Set active design.

m2d.set_active_design("1 time step control")

Get design setup#

Get design setup to enable the control program to.

setup = m2d.setups[0]

Enable control program#

Enable control program by giving the path to the file.


Analyze setup#

Analyze setup.


Save project and close AEDT#

Save the project and close AEDT.


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