Maxwell 3D: bath plate analysis#

This example uses PyAEDT to set up the TEAM 3 bath plate problem and solve it using the Maxwell 3D Eddy Current solver.

Perform required imports#

Perform required imports.

import os
import pyaedt
import tempfile

Set AEDT version#

Set AEDT version.

aedt_version = "2024.1"

Create temporary directory#

Create temporary directory.

Set non-graphical mode#

Set non-graphical mode. You can set non_graphical either to True or False.

non_graphical = False

Launch AEDT and Maxwell 3D#

Launch AEDT and Maxwell 3D after first setting up the project and design names, the solver, and the version. The following code also creates an instance of the Maxwell3d class named M3D.

project_name = "COMPUMAG"
design_name = "TEAM 3 Bath Plate"
solver = "EddyCurrent"

m3d = pyaedt.Maxwell3d(
m3d.modeler.model_units = "mm"
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  self._logger = val

Add variable#

Add a design variable named Coil_Position that you use later to adjust the position of the coil.

Coil_Position = -20
m3d["Coil_Position"] = str(Coil_Position) + m3d.modeler.model_units

Add material#

Add a material named team3_aluminium for the ladder plate.

mat = m3d.materials.add_material("team3_aluminium")
mat.conductivity = 32780000

Draw background region#

Draw a background region that uses the default properties for an air region.

m3d.modeler.create_air_region(x_pos=100, y_pos=100, z_pos=100, x_neg=100, y_neg=100, z_neg=100)
<pyaedt.modeler.cad.object3d.Object3d object at 0x000002798AFA7AC0>

Draw ladder plate and assign material#

Draw a ladder plate and assign it the newly created material team3_aluminium.

m3d.modeler.create_box(origin=[-30, -55, 0], sizes=[60, 110, -6.35], name="LadderPlate", material="team3_aluminium")
m3d.modeler.create_box(origin=[-20, -35, 0], sizes=[40, 30, -6.35], name="CutoutTool1")
m3d.modeler.create_box(origin=[-20, 5, 0], sizes=[40, 30, -6.35], name="CutoutTool2")
m3d.modeler.subtract("LadderPlate", ["CutoutTool1", "CutoutTool2"], keep_originals=False)

Add mesh refinement to ladder plate#

Add a mesh refinement to the ladder plate.

m3d.mesh.assign_length_mesh("LadderPlate", maximum_length=3, maximum_elements=None, name="Ladder_Mesh")
<pyaedt.modules.Mesh.MeshOperation object at 0x000002798AFA54B0>

Draw search coil and assign excitation#

Draw a search coil and assign it a stranded current excitation. The stranded type forces the current density to be constant in the coil.

m3d.modeler.create_cylinder(orientation="Z", origin=[0, "Coil_Position", 15], radius=40, height=20, name="SearchCoil",
m3d.modeler.create_cylinder(orientation="Z", origin=[0, "Coil_Position", 15], radius=20, height=20, name="Bore",
m3d.modeler.subtract("SearchCoil", "Bore", keep_originals=False)
m3d.modeler.section("SearchCoil", "YZ")
m3d.assign_current(assignment=["SearchCoil_Section1"], amplitude=1260, solid=False, name="SearchCoil_Excitation")
<pyaedt.modules.Boundary.BoundaryObject object at 0x000002798AFA4B50>

Draw a line for plotting Bz#

Draw a line for plotting Bz later. Bz is the Z component of the flux density. The following code also adds a small diameter cylinder to refine the mesh locally around the line.

line_points = [["0mm", "-55mm", "0.5mm"], ["0mm", "55mm", "0.5mm"]]
m3d.modeler.create_polyline(points=line_points, name="Line_AB")
poly = m3d.modeler.create_polyline(points=line_points, name="Line_AB_MeshRefinement")
poly.set_crosssection_properties(type="Circle", width="0.5mm")
<pyaedt.modeler.cad.object3d.Object3d object at 0x000002798AFA6A40>

Plot model#

Plot the model.

m3d.plot(show=False, export_path=os.path.join(, "Image.jpg"), plot_air_objects=False)
Maxwell3D Team3 bath plate
<pyaedt.generic.plot.ModelPlotter object at 0x000002798AFA7550>

Add Maxwell 3D setup#

Add a Maxwell 3D setup with frequency points at 50 Hz and 200 Hz.

setup = m3d.create_setup(name="Setup1")
setup.props["Frequency"] = "200Hz"
setup.props["HasSweepSetup"] = True
setup.add_eddy_current_sweep(range_type="LinearStep", start=50, end=200, count=150, clear=True)

Adjust eddy effects#

Adjust eddy effects for the ladder plate and the search coil. The setting for eddy effect is ignored for the stranded conductor type used in the search coil.

m3d.eddy_effects_on(assignment=["LadderPlate"], enable_eddy_effects=True, enable_displacement_current=True)
m3d.eddy_effects_on(assignment=["SearchCoil"], enable_eddy_effects=False, enable_displacement_current=True)

Add linear parametric sweep#

Add a linear parametric sweep for the two coil positions.

sweep_name = "CoilSweep"
param = m3d.parametrics.add("Coil_Position", -20, 0, 20, "LinearStep", parametricname=sweep_name)
param["SaveFields"] = True
param["CopyMesh"] = False
param["SolveWithCopiedMeshOnly"] = True

Solve parametric sweep#

Solve the parametric sweep directly so that results of all variations are available.


Create expression for Bz#

Create an expression for Bz using the fields calculator.

Fields = m3d.ofieldsreporter
Fields.AddNamedExpression("Bz", "Fields")

Plot mag(Bz) as a function of frequency#

Plot mag(Bz) as a function of frequency for both coil positions.

variations = {"Distance": ["All"], "Freq": ["All"], "Phase": ["0deg"], "Coil_Position": ["All"]}"mag(Bz)", variations=variations, primary_sweep_variable="Distance",
                       report_category="Fields", context="Line_AB", plot_name="mag(Bz) Along 'Line_AB' Coil")
<pyaedt.modules.report_templates.Fields object at 0x000002798B64E980>

Get simulation results from a solved setup#

Get simulation results from a solved setup as a SolutionData object.

solutions =

Set up sweep value and plot solution#

Set up a sweep value and plot the solution.

solutions.active_variation["Coil_Position"] = -0.02
Simulation Results Plot
No artists with labels found to put in legend.  Note that artists whose label start with an underscore are ignored when legend() is called with no argument.

<Figure size 2000x1000 with 1 Axes>

Change sweep value and plot solution#

Change the sweep value and plot the solution again.

solutions.active_variation["Coil_Position"] = 0
Simulation Results Plot
No artists with labels found to put in legend.  Note that artists whose label start with an underscore are ignored when legend() is called with no argument.

<Figure size 2000x1000 with 1 Axes>

Plot induced current density on surface of ladder plate#

Plot the induced current density, "Mag_J", on the surface of the ladder plate.

ladder_plate = m3d.modeler.objects_by_name["LadderPlate"]
intrinsic_dict = {"Freq": "50Hz", "Phase": "0deg"}, "Mag_J", intrinsics=intrinsic_dict, plot_name="Mag_J")
< object at 0x000002798AFE37C0>

Release AEDT#

Release AEDT from the script engine, leaving both AEDT and the project open.

m3d.release_desktop(False, False)

Total running time of the script: (13 minutes 50.465 seconds)

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