Q2d.solve_in_batch(filename=None, machine='localhost', run_in_thread=False, cores=4, tasks=1, setup=None, revert_to_initial_mesh=False)[source]#

Analyze a design setup in batch mode.


To use this function, the project must be closed.

filenamestr, optional

Name of the setup. The default is None, which means that the active project is to be solved.

machinestr, optional

Name of the machine if remote. The default is "localhost".

run_in_threadbool, optional

Whether to submit the batch command as a thread. The default is False.

coresint, optional

Number of cores to use in the simulation.

tasksint, optional

Number of tasks to use in the simulation. Set num_tasks to -1 to apply auto settings and distributed mode.


Name of the setup, which can be an optimetric setup or a simple setup. The default is None, in which case all setups are solved.

revert_to_initial_meshbool, optional

Whether to revert to the initial mesh before solving. The default is False.


True when successful, False when failed.