Q2d.assign_single_signal_line(assignment, name='', solve_option='SolveInside', thickness=None, units='um')[source]#

Assign the conductor type to sheets.


List of Object3D.

namestr, optional

Name of the conductor. The default is "", in which case the default name is used.

solve_optionstr, optional

Method for solving. Options are "SolveInside", "SolveOnBoundary", and "Automatic". The default is "SolveInside".

thicknessfloat, optional

Conductor thickness. The default is None, in which case the conductor thickness is obtained by dividing the conductor’s area by its perimeter (A/p). If multiple conductors are selected, the average conductor thickness is used.

unitsstr, optional

Thickness unit. The default is "um".


>>> oModule.AssignSingleSignalLine
>>> oModule.AssignSingleReferenceGround