Q2d.export_results(analyze=False, export_folder=None, matrix_name='Original', matrix_type='S', touchstone_format='MagPhase', touchstone_number_precision=15, length='1meter', impedance=50, include_gamma_comment=True, support_non_standard_touchstone_extension=False)[source]#

Export all available reports to a file, including profile, and convergence and sNp when applicable.


Whether to analyze before export. Solutions must be present for the design.

export_folderstr, optional

Full path to the project folder. The default is None, in which case the working directory is used.

matrix_namestr, optional

Matrix to specify to export touchstone file. The default is Original, in which case default matrix is taken. This argument applies only to 2DExtractor and Q3D setups where Matrix reduction is computed and needed to export touchstone file.

matrix_typestr, optional

Type of matrix to export. The default is S to export a touchstone file. Available values are S, Y, Z. Y and Z matrices will be exported as tab file.

touchstone_formatstr, optional

Touchstone format. The default is MagPahse. Available values are: MagPahse, DbPhase, RealImag.

lengthstr, optional

Length of the model to export. The default is 1meter.

impedancefloat, optional

Real impedance value in ohms, for renormalization. The default is 50.

touchstone_number_precisionint, optional

Touchstone number of digits precision. The default is 15.

include_gamma_commentbool, optional

Specifies whether to include Gamma and Impedance comments. The default is True.

support_non_standard_touchstone_extensionbool, optional

Specifies whether to support non-standard Touchstone extensions for mixed reference impedance. The default is False.


List of all exported files.


>>> oModule.GetAllPortsList
>>> oDesign.ExportProfile
>>> oModule.ExportToFile
>>> oModule.ExportConvergence
>>> oModule.ExportNetworkData


>>> from pyaedt import Hfss
>>> aedtapp = Hfss()
>>> aedtapp.analyze()
>>> exported_files = self.aedtapp.export_results()