Postprocessing is essential in simulation. PyAEDT can read all solutions and plot results in AEDT or outside it using the pyvista and matplotlib packages:

from pyaedt import Hfss
hfss = Hfss()
cutlist = ["Global:XY"]
setup_name = hfss.existing_analysis_sweeps[0]
quantity_name = "ComplexMag_E"
intrinsic = {"Freq": "5GHz", "Phase": "180deg"}

# create a field plot
plot1 =, quantity_name, setup_name, intrinsic)

# create a 3d far field
new_report ="db(RealizedGainTotal)", hfss.nominal_adaptive)

# create a rectangular plot
report ="dB(S(1,1))")

solutions = report.get_solution_data()
Post Processing features