TwinBuilder.value_with_units(value, units=None, unit_system='Length')[source]#

Combine a number and a string containing the modeler length unit in a single string e.g. “1.2mm”. If the units are not specified, the model units are used. If value is a string (like containing an expression), it is returned as is.

valuefloat, int, str

Value of the number or string containing an expression.

unitsstr, optional

Units to combine with value. Valid values are defined in the native API documentation. Some common examples are: “in”: inches “cm”: centimeter “um”: micron “mm”: millimeter “meter”: meters “mil”: 0.001 inches (mils) “km”: kilometer “ft”: feet

unit_systemstr, optional

Unit system. Default is “Length”.


String that combines the value and the units (e.g. “1.2mm”).