Setup3DLayout.create_report(expressions=None, domain='Sweep', variations=None, primary_sweep_variable=None, secondary_sweep_variable=None, report_category=None, plot_type='Rectangular Plot', context=None, subdesign_id=None, polyline_points=1001, plotname=None, sweep_name=None)[source]#

Create a report in AEDT. It can be a 2D plot, 3D plot, polar plots or data tables.

expressionsstr or list, optional

One or more formulas to add to the report. Example is value = "dB(S(1,1))".

domainstr, optional

Plot Domain. Options are “Sweep”, “Time”, “DCIR”.

variationsdict, optional

Dictionary of all families including the primary sweep. The default is {"Freq": ["All"]}.

primary_sweep_variablestr, optional

Name of the primary sweep. The default is "Freq".

secondary_sweep_variablestr, optional

Name of the secondary sweep variable in 3D Plots.

report_categorystr, optional

Category of the Report to be created. If None default data Report will be used. The Report Category can be one of the types available for creating a report depend on the simulation setup. For example for a Far Field Plot in HFSS the UI shows the report category as “Create Far Fields Report”. The report category will be in this case “Far Fields”. Depending on the setup different categories are available. If None default category will be used (the first item in the Results drop down menu in AEDT).

plot_typestr, optional

The format of Data Visualization. Default is Rectangular Plot.

contextstr, optional

The default is None. It can be None, “Differential Pairs”,`”RL”, `”Sources”, “Vias”,`”Bondwires”, `”Probes” for Hfss3dLayout or Reduce Matrix Name for Q2d/Q3d solution or Infinite Sphere name for Far Fields Plot.

plotnamestr, optional

Name of the plot. The default is None.

polyline_pointsint, optional,

Number of points on which create the report for plots on polylines.

subdesign_idint, optional

Specify a subdesign ID to export a Touchstone file of this subdesign. Valid for Circuit Only. The default value is None.

contextstr, optional
sweep_namestr, optional

Name of the sweep adaptive setup from which get solutions. Default is LastAdaptive.


True when successful, False when failed.


>>> oModule.CreateReport


>>> from pyaedt import Circuit
>>> aedtapp = Circuit()
>>> variations = aedtapp.available_variations.nominal_w_values_dict
...    "dB(S(1,1))",
...    variations=variations,
...    primary_sweep_variable="Freq",
...    "S(1,1)",
...    variations=variations,
...    plot_type="Smith Chart",