Modeler2D.mirror(objid, position, vector, duplicate=False, is_3d_comp=False, duplicate_assignment=True)[source]#

Mirror a selection.

objidstr, int, or Object3d

Name or ID of the object.

positionint or float

List of the [x, y, z] coordinates or the Application.Position object for the selection.

duplicatebool, optional

Whether if duplicate the object before mirror or not. Default is False.

is_3d_compbool, optional

Whether the component is 3D. The default is False. If True, the method tries to return the duplicated list of 3D components.


List of the [x1, y1, z1] coordinates or the Application.Position object for the vector.

duplicate_assignmentbool, optional

Whether to duplicate selection assignments. The default is True.

bool, list

List of objects created or True when successful, False when failed.


>>> oEditor.Mirror
>>> oEditor.DuplicateMirror