CircuitPins.connect_to_component(assignment, page_name=None, use_wire=False, wire_name='', clearance_units=1, page_port_angle=None)[source]#

Connect schematic components.


Component pin to attach.

page_namestr, optional

Page port name. The default value is None, in which case a name is automatically generated.

use_wirebool, optional

Whether to use wires or a page port to connect the pins. The default is False, in which case a page port is used. Note that if wires are used but not well placed, shorts can result.

wire_namestr, optional

Wire name used only when user_wire=True. The default is "".

clearance_unitsint, optional

Number of snap units (100mil each) around the object to overcome pins and wires.

page_port_angleint, optional

Page port angle on the source pin. The default is None, in which case the angle is automatically computed.


True when successful, False when failed.


>>> oPadstackManager.CreatePagePort