Hfss3dLayout.edit_source_from_file(source_name, file_name, is_time_domain=True, x_scale=1, y_scale=1, impedance=50, data_format='Power', encoding='utf-8', include_post_effects=True, incident_voltage=True)[source]#

Edit a source from file data. File data is a csv containing either frequency data or time domain data that will be converted through FFT.


Source Name.


Full name of the input file.

is_time_domainbool, optional

Either if the input data is Time based or Frequency Based. Frequency based data are Mag/Phase (deg).

x_scalefloat, optional

Scaling factor for x axis.

y_scalefloat, optional

Scaling factor for y axis.

impedancefloat, optional

Excitation impedance. Default is 50.

data_formatstr, optional

Either “Power”, “Current” or “Voltage”.

encodingstr, optional

Csv file encoding.

include_post_effectsbool, optional

Either if include or not post-processing effects. Default is True,

incident_voltagebool, optional

Either if include or incident or total voltage. Default is True, for incident voltage.