Hfss.create_spiral_lumped_port(start_object, end_object, port_width=None)[source]#

Create a spiral lumped port between two adjacent objects.

The two objects must have two adjacent, parallel, and identical faces. The faces must be a polygon (not a circle). The closest faces must be aligned with the main planes of the reference system.

start_objectstr or int or pyaedt.modeler.cad.object3d.Object3d

First solid connected to the spiral port.

end_objectstr or int or pyaedt.modeler.cad.object3d.Object3d

Second object connected to the spiral port.

port_widthfloat, optional

Width of the spiral port. If not specified the width will be calculated based on the object dimensions. The default is None.


Boundary object.


>>> aedtapp = Hfss()
>>> aedtapp.insert_design("Design_Terminal_2")
>>> aedtapp.solution_type = "Terminal"
>>> box1 = aedtapp.modeler.create_box([-100, -100, 0], [200, 200, 5], name="gnd2z", matname="copper")
>>> box2 = aedtapp.modeler.create_box([-100, -100, 20], [200, 200, 25], name="sig2z", matname="copper")
>>> aedtapp.modeler.fit_all()
>>> portz = aedtapp.create_spiral_lumped_port(box1, box2)