Q2D: Cable parameter identification#

This example shows how you can use PyAEDT to perform these tasks:

  • Create a Q2D design using the Modeler primitives and importing part of the geometry.

  • Set up the entire simulation.

  • Link the solution to a Simplorer design.

For cable information, see 4 Core Armoured Power Cable

Perform required imports#

import pyaedt
import math

Set AEDT version#

Set AEDT version.

aedt_version = "2024.1"

Initialize core strand dimensions and positions#

Initialize cable sizing - radii in mm.

Initialize filling and sheath dimensions#

Initialize radii of further structures incrementally adding thicknesses.

Initialize armature strand dimensions#

Initialize radii.

Initialize dictionaries#

Initialize dictionaries that contain all the definitions for the design variables and output variables.

core_params = {
    "n_cores": str(cable_n_cores),
    "n_strands_core": str(core_n_strands),
    "c_strand_radius": str(c_strand_radius) + 'mm',
    "c_strand_xy_coord": str(core_xy_coord) + 'mm'
outer_params = {
    "filling_radius": str(filling_radius) + 'mm',
    "inner_sheath_radius": str(inner_sheath_radius) + 'mm',
    "armour_radius": str(armour_radius) + 'mm',
    "outer_sheath_radius": str(outer_sheath_radius) + 'mm'
armour_params = {
    "armour_centre_pos": str(armour_centre_pos) + 'mm',
    "arm_strand_rad": str(arm_strand_rad) + 'mm',
    "n_arm_strands": str(n_arm_strands)

Initialize Q2D#

Initialize Q2D, providing the version, path to the project, and the design name and type.

project_name = 'Q2D_ArmouredCableExample'
q2d_design_name = '2D_Extractor_Cable'
setup_name = "MySetupAuto"
sweep_name = "sweep1"
tb_design_name = 'CableSystem'
q2d = pyaedt.Q2d(projectname=project_name, designname=q2d_design_name, specified_version=aedt_version)
C:\actions-runner\_work\_tool\Python\3.10.9\x64\lib\subprocess.py:1072: ResourceWarning: subprocess 6532 is still running
  _warn("subprocess %s is still running" % self.pid,
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  self._logger = val

Define variables from dictionaries#

Define design variables from the created dictionaries.

for k, v in core_params.items():
    q2d[k] = v
for k, v in outer_params.items():
    q2d[k] = v
for k, v in armour_params.items():
    q2d[k] = v

Create object to access 2D modeler#

Create the mod2D object to access the 2D modeler easily.

mod2D = q2d.modeler
mod2D.model_units = "mm"

Initialize required material properties#

Cable insulators require the definition of specific materials since they are not included in the Sys Library. Plastic, PE (cross-linked, wire, and cable grade)

mat_pe_cable_grade = q2d.materials.add_material("plastic_pe_cable_grade")
mat_pe_cable_grade.conductivity = "1.40573e-16"
mat_pe_cable_grade.permittivity = "2.09762"
mat_pe_cable_grade.dielectric_loss_tangent = "0.000264575"
# Plastic, PP (10% carbon fiber)
mat_pp = q2d.materials.add_material("plastic_pp_carbon_fiber")
mat_pp.conductivity = "0.0003161"

Create geometry for core strands, filling, and XLPE insulation#

mod2D.create_coordinate_system(['c_strand_xy_coord', 'c_strand_xy_coord', '0mm'], name='CS_c_strand_1')
c1_id = mod2D.create_circle(['0mm', '0mm', '0mm'], 'c_strand_radius', name='c_strand_1', matname='copper')
c2_id = c1_id.duplicate_along_line(vector=['0mm', '2.0*c_strand_radius', '0mm'], nclones=2)
mod2D.duplicate_around_axis(c2_id, cs_axis="Z", angle=360 / core_n_strands, nclones=6)
c_unite_name = mod2D.unite(q2d.get_all_conductors_names())

fill_id = mod2D.create_circle(['0mm', '0mm', '0mm'], '3*c_strand_radius', name='c_strand_fill',
fill_id.color = (255, 255, 0)
xlpe_id = mod2D.create_circle(['0mm', '0mm', '0mm'], '3*c_strand_radius+' + str(core_xlpe_ins_thickness) + 'mm',
xlpe_id.color = (0, 128, 128)

all_obj_names = q2d.get_all_conductors_names() + q2d.get_all_dielectrics_names()
mod2D.duplicate_around_axis(all_obj_names, cs_axis="Z", angle=360 / cable_n_cores, nclones=4)
cond_names = q2d.get_all_conductors_names()

Create geometry for filling object#

filling_id = mod2D.create_circle(['0mm', '0mm', '0mm'], 'filling_radius', name='Filling',
filling_id.color = (255, 255, 180)

Create geometry for inner sheath object#

inner_sheath_id = mod2D.create_circle(['0mm', '0mm', '0mm'], 'inner_sheath_radius', name='InnerSheath',
                                     matname='PVC plastic')
inner_sheath_id.color = (0, 0, 0)

Create geometry for armature fill#

arm_fill_id = mod2D.create_circle(['0mm', '0mm', '0mm'], 'armour_radius', name='ArmourFilling',
arm_fill_id.color = (255, 255, 255)

Create geometry for outer sheath#

outer_sheath_id = mod2D.create_circle(['0mm', '0mm', '0mm'], 'outer_sheath_radius', name='OuterSheath',
                                     matname='PVC plastic')
outer_sheath_id.color = (0, 0, 0)

Create geometry for armature steel strands#

arm_strand_1_id = mod2D.create_circle(['0mm', 'armour_centre_pos', '0mm'], '1.1mm', name='arm_strand_1',
arm_strand_1_id.color = (128, 128, 64)
arm_strand_1_id.duplicate_around_axis('Z', '360deg/n_arm_strands', nclones='n_arm_strands')
arm_strand_names = mod2D.get_objects_w_string('arm_strand')

Create region#

region = q2d.modeler.create_region([500, 500, 500, 500, 0, 0])
region.material_name = "vacuum"

Assign conductors and reference ground#

obj = [q2d.modeler.get_object_from_name(i) for i in cond_names]
[q2d.assign_single_conductor(name='C1' + str(obj.index(i) + 1), target_objects=i, conductor_type='SignalLine') for i
 in obj]
obj = [q2d.modeler.get_object_from_name(i) for i in arm_strand_names]
q2d.assign_single_conductor(name="gnd", target_objects=obj, conductor_type="ReferenceGround")

Assign design settings#

lumped_length = "100m"
q2d_des_settings = q2d.design_settings()
q2d_des_settings['LumpedLength'] = lumped_length

Insert setup and frequency sweep#

q2d_setup = q2d.create_setup(setupname=setup_name)
q2d_sweep = q2d_setup.add_sweep(sweepname=sweep_name)
q2d_sweep.props["RangeType"] = "LogScale"
q2d_sweep.props["RangeStart"] = "0Hz"
q2d_sweep.props["RangeEnd"] = "3MHz"
q2d_sweep.props["RangeCount"] = 10
q2d_sweep.props["RangeSamples"] = 1

Analyze setup#

# q2d.analyze(setup_name=setup_name)

Add a Simplorer/Twin Builder design and the Q3D dynamic component#

tb = pyaedt.TwinBuilder(designname=tb_design_name)

Add a Q3D dynamic component#

<pyaedt.modeler.circuits.object3dcircuit.CircuitComponent object at 0x000001A7A292E320>

Save project and release desktop#

tb.release_desktop(True, True)

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