Icepak: graphic card thermal analysis#

This example shows how you can use PyAEDT to create a graphic card setup in Icepak and postprocess results. The example file is an Icepak project with a model that is already created and has materials assigned.

Perform required imports#

Perform required imports.

import os
import pyaedt

Set non-graphical mode#

Set non-graphical mode. You can set non_graphical either to True or False.

non_graphical = False

Download and open project#

Download the project, open it, and save it to the temporary folder.

temp_folder = pyaedt.generate_unique_folder_name()
project_temp_name = pyaedt.downloads.download_icepak(temp_folder)

ipk = pyaedt.Icepak(projectname=project_temp_name,

Initializing new desktop!
C:\actions-runner\_work\_tool\Python\3.10.5\x64\lib\ ResourceWarning: subprocess 7360 is still running
  _warn("subprocess %s is still running" %,


Plot model#

Plot the model.

ipk.plot(show=False, export_path=os.path.join(temp_folder, "Graphics_card.jpg"), plot_air_objects=False)
Icepak Example
<pyaedt.generic.plot.ModelPlotter object at 0x000001A9C28AC610>

Create source blocks#

Create source blocks on the CPU and memories.

ipk.create_source_block("CPU", "25W")
ipk.create_source_block(["MEMORY1", "MEMORY1_1"], "5W")
<pyaedt.modules.Boundary.BoundaryObject object at 0x000001A9D24E1870>

Assign openings and grille#

Assign openings and a grille.

region = ipk.modeler["Region"]
ipk.assign_grille(, free_area_ratio=0.8)
<pyaedt.modules.Boundary.BoundaryObject object at 0x000001A9CDD7D8D0>

Assign mesh regions#

Assign a mesh region to the heat sink and CPU.

mesh_region = ipk.mesh.assign_mesh_region(objectlist=["HEAT_SINK", "CPU"])
mesh_region.UserSpecifiedSettings = True
mesh_region.MaxElementSizeX = "3.35mm"
mesh_region.MaxElementSizeY = "1.75mm"
mesh_region.MaxElementSizeZ = "2.65mm"
mesh_region.MaxLevels = "2"

Assign point monitor#

Assign a point monitor and set it up.

ipk.assign_point_monitor(point_position=["-35mm", "3.6mm", "-86mm"], monitor_name="TemperatureMonitor1")
ipk.assign_point_monitor(point_position=["80mm", "14.243mm", "-55mm"], monitor_type="Speed")
setup1 = ipk.create_setup()
setup1.props["Flow Regime"] = "Turbulent"
setup1.props["Convergence Criteria - Max Iterations"] = 5
setup1.props["Linear Solver Type - Pressure"] = "flex"
setup1.props["Linear Solver Type - Temperature"] = "flex"

Solve project and postprocess#

Solve the project and plot temperatures.

quantity_name = "SurfTemperature"
surflist = [ for i in ipk.modeler["CPU"].faces]
surflist += [ for i in ipk.modeler["MEMORY1"].faces]
surflist += [ for i in ipk.modeler["MEMORY1_1"].faces]
surflist += [ for i in ipk.modeler["ALPHA_MAIN_PCB"].faces]

plot5 =, "SurfTemperature")


Release AEDT#

Release AEDT.

ipk.release_desktop(True, True)

Total running time of the script: (2 minutes 31.183 seconds)

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