Icepak: Importing a PCB and its components via IDF and EDB#

This example shows how to import a PCB and its components using IDF files (.ldb/.bdf). The .emn/.emp combination can also be used in a similar way.

Perform required imports#

Perform required imports including the opertaing system, Ansys PyAEDT packages.

# Generic Python packages

import os

# PyAEDT Packages
import pyaedt
from pyaedt import Icepak
from pyaedt import Desktop
from pyaedt import Hfss3dLayout
from pyaedt.modules.Boundary import BoundaryObject

Set non-graphical mode#

Set non-graphical mode. You can set non_graphical either to True or False.

non_graphical = False

Download and open project#

Download the project, open it, and save it to the temporary folder.

temp_folder = pyaedt.generate_unique_folder_name()

ipk = pyaedt.Icepak(projectname=os.path.join(temp_folder, "Icepak_ECAD_Import.aedt"),

ipk.autosave_disable()                                                    # Saves the project
Initializing new desktop!


Import the IDF files#

Sample *.bdf and *.ldf files are presented here.

BDF image. LDF image.

Imports the idf files with several filtering options incluing caps, resistors, inductors, power, size, … There are also options for the PCB creation (number o flayers, copper percentages, layer sizes). In this examples, the default values are used for the PCB. The imported PCB here will be deleted later and replaced by a PCB that has the trace information for higher accuracy.

def_path = pyaedt.downloads.download_file('icepak/Icepak_ECAD_Import/A1_uprev.aedb','edb.def',temp_folder)
board_path = pyaedt.downloads.download_file('icepak/Icepak_ECAD_Import/','A1.bdf',temp_folder)
library_path = pyaedt.downloads.download_file('icepak/Icepak_ECAD_Import/','A1.ldf',temp_folder)

ipk.import_idf(board_path, library_path=None, control_path=None,
                  filter_cap=False, filter_ind=False, filter_res=False,
                  filter_height_under=None, filter_height_exclude_2d=False,
                  power_under=None, create_filtered_as_non_model=False,
                  high_surface_thick='0.07mm', low_surface_thick='0.07mm',
                  internal_thick='0.07mm', internal_layer_number=2,
                  high_surface_coverage=30, low_surface_coverage=30,
                  internal_layer_coverage=30, trace_material='Cu-Pure',
                  substrate_material='FR-4', create_board=True,
                  model_board_as_rect=False, model_device_as_rect=True,
                  cutoff_height='5mm', component_lib='')

Fit to scale, save the project#

ipk.modeler.fit_all()    # scales to fit all objects in AEDT
ipk.save_project()       # saves the project

Add an HFSS 3D Layout design with the layout information of the PCB#

Layout_name = 'A1_uprev'          # 3D layout name available for import, the extension of .aedb should not be listed here

hfss3dLO = Hfss3dLayout('Icepak_ECAD_Import', 'PCB_temp')      # adding a dummy HFSS 3D layout to the current project

#edb_full_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), Layout_name+'.aedb\edb.def')   # path to the EDB file
hfss3dLO.import_edb(def_path)                                       # importing the EDB file
hfss3dLO.save_project()                                                  # save the new project so files are stored in the path

ipk.delete_design(name='PCB_temp', fallback_design=None)                 # deleting the dummy layout from the original project

# This part creates a 3D component PCB in Icepak from the imported EDB file
# 1 watt is assigned to the PCB as power input

component_name = "PCB_ECAD"

odb_path = os.path.join(temp_folder, 'icepak/Icepak_ECAD_Import/'+Layout_name+'.aedt')
    component_name, odb_path, Layout_name, resolution=2, extenttype="Polygon", outlinepolygon='poly_0',
    custom_x_resolution=None, custom_y_resolution=None,power_in=1)
Returning found desktop with PID 14520!
Returning found desktop with PID 14520!
C:\actions-runner\_work\pyaedt\pyaedt\testenv\lib\site-packages\pyaedt\ DeprecationWarning: ``extenttype`` was deprecated in 0.6.43. Use ``extent_type`` instead.
C:\actions-runner\_work\pyaedt\pyaedt\testenv\lib\site-packages\pyaedt\ DeprecationWarning: ``outlinepolygon`` was deprecated in 0.6.43. Use ``outline_polygon`` instead.

<pyaedt.modules.Boundary.NativeComponentObject object at 0x0000022CA99272B0>

Delete PCB objects#

Delete the PCB object from IDF import.

ipk.modeler.delete_objects_containing("IDF_BoardOutline", False)

Compute power budget#

# creates a setup to be able to calculate the power

power_budget, total ="W")

Closing and releasing AEDT#

ipk.close_project()      # close the project
ipk.release_desktop()    # release the AEDT session.  If this step is missing, AEDT cannot be closed.

Total running time of the script: (2 minutes 19.355 seconds)

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