ParametricSetups.add(sweep_var, start_point, end_point=None, step=100, variation_type='LinearCount', solution=None, parametricname=None)[source]#

Add a basic sensitivity analysis. You can customize all options after the analysis is added.


Name of the variable.

start_pointfloat or int

Variation Start Point if a variation is defined or Single Value.

end_pointfloat or int, optional

Variation End Point. This parameter is optional if a Single Value is defined.

stepfloat or int

Variation Step or Count depending on variation_type. The default is 100.

variation_typefloat or int

Variation Type. Admitted values are “LinearCount”, “LinearStep”, “LogScale”, “SingleValue”.

solutionstr, optional

Type of the solution. The default is None, in which case the default solution is used.

parametricnamestr, optional

Name of the sensitivity analysis. The default is None, in which case a default name is assigned.


Optimization Object.


>>> oModule.InsertSetup