OptimizationSetups.add(calculation=None, ranges=None, variables=None, optim_type='Optimization', condition='<=', goal_value=1, goal_weight=1, solution=None, parametricname=None, context=None, subdesign_id=None, polyline_points=1001, report_type=None)[source]#

Add a basic optimization analysis. You can customize all options after the analysis is added.

calculationstr, optional

Name of the calculation.

rangesdict, optional

Dictionary of ranges with respective values. Values can be: a list of discrete values, a dict with tuple args of start and stop range. It includes intrinsics like “Freq”, “Time”, “Theta”, “Distance”.

variableslist, optional

List of variables to include in the optimization. By default all variables are included.

optim_typestrm optional

Optimization Type. Possible values are “Optimization”, “DXDOE”,`”DesignExplorer”,”Sensitivity”,”Statistical”` and “optiSLang”.

conditionstr, optional

The default is "<=".


Value for the goal. The default is 1.


Value for the goal weight. The default is 1.

solutionstr, optional

Type of the solution. The default is None, in which case the default solution is used.

parametricnamestr, optional

Name of the analysis. The default is None, in which case a default name is assigned.

contextstr, optional

Calculation contexts. It can be a sphere, a matrix or a polyline.

subdesign_idint, optional

Subdesign id for Circuit and HFSS 3D Layout objects.

polyline_pointsint, optional

Number of points for Polyline context.

report_typestr, optional

Override the auto computation of Calculation Type.


Optimization object.


>>> oModule.InsertSetup