Mechanical.assign_em_losses(designname='HFSSDesign1', setupname='Setup1', sweepname='LastAdaptive', map_frequency=None, surface_objects=None, source_project_name=None, paramlist=None, object_list=None)[source]#

Map EM losses to a Mechanical design.

designnamestr, optional

Name of the design of the source mapping. The default is "HFSSDesign1".

setupnamestr, optional

Name of the EM setup. The default is "Setup1".

sweepnamestr, optional

Name of the EM sweep to use for the mapping. The default is "LastAdaptive".

map_frequencystr, optional

Frequency to map. The default is None. The value must be None for Eigenmode analysis.

surface_objectslist, optional

List objects in the source that are metals. The default is None.

source_project_namestr, optional

Name of the source project. The default is None, in which case the source from the same project is used.

paramlistlist, optional

List of all parameters in the EM to map. The default is None.

object_listlist, optional

The default is None.



>>> oModule.AssignEMLoss