Icepak.create_source_blocks_from_list(list_powers, assign_material=True, default_material='Ceramic_material')[source]#

Assign to a box in Icepak the sources that come from the CSV file.

Assignment is made by name.


List of input powers. It is a list of lists. For example, [["Obj1", 1], ["Obj2", 3]]. The list can contain multiple columns for power inputs.

assign_materialbool, optional

Whether to assign a material. The default is True.

default_materialstr, optional

Default material to assign when assign_material=True. The default is "Ceramic_material".

list of pyaedt.modules.Boundary.BoundaryObject

List of boundaries inserted.


>>> oModule.AssignBlockBoundary


Create block boundaries from each box in the list.

>>> box1 = icepak.modeler.create_box([1, 1, 1], [3, 3, 3], "BlockBox1", "copper")
>>> box2 = icepak.modeler.create_box([2, 2, 2], [4, 4, 4], "BlockBox2", "copper")
>>> blocks = icepak.create_source_blocks_from_list([["BlockBox1", 2], ["BlockBox2", 4]])
PyAEDT INFO: Block on ...
>>> blocks[1].props
{'Objects': ['BlockBox1'], 'Block Type': 'Solid', 'Use External Conditions': False, 'Total Power': '2W'}
>>> blocks[3].props
{'Objects': ['BlockBox2'], 'Block Type': 'Solid', 'Use External Conditions': False, 'Total Power': '4W'}