Icepak.assign_grille(air_faces, free_loss_coeff=True, free_area_ratio=0.8, resistance_type=0, external_temp='AmbientTemp', expternal_pressure='AmbientPressure', x_curve=['0', '1', '2'], y_curve=['0', '1', '2'], boundary_name=None)[source]#

Assign grille to a face or list of faces.

air_facesstr, list

List of face names.


Whether to use the free loss coefficient. The default is True. If False, the free loss coefficient is not used.

free_area_ratiofloat, str

Free loss coefficient value. The default is 0.8.

resistance_typeint, optional

Type of the resistance. Options are:

  • 0 for "Perforated Thin Vent"

  • 1 for "Circular Metal Wire Screen"

  • 2 for "Two-Plane Screen Cyl. Bars"

The default is 0 for "Perforated Thin Vent".

external_tempstr, optional

External temperature. The default is "AmbientTemp".

expternal_pressurestr, optional

External pressure. The default is "AmbientPressure".

x_curvelist, optional

List of X curves in m_per_sec. The default is ["0", "1", "2"].


List of Y curves in n_per_meter_q. The default is ["0", "1", "2"].

boundary_namestr, optional

Boundary name. The default is None, in which case the name will be generated automatically.


Boundary object when successful or None when failed.


>>> oModule.AssignGrilleBoundary