Circuit.analyze_setup(name, num_cores=4, num_tasks=1, num_gpu=0, acf_file=None, use_auto_settings=True, num_variations_to_distribute=None, allowed_distribution_types=None, revert_to_initial_mesh=False, blocking=True)[source]#

Analyze a design setup.


Name of the setup, which can be an optimetric setup or a simple setup. If None all setups will be solved.

num_coresint, optional

Number of simulation cores. Default is 1.

num_tasksint, optional

Number of simulation tasks. Default is 1.

num_gpuint, optional

Number of simulation graphics processing units. Default is 0.

acf_filestr, optional

Full path to custom ACF file. The default is None.

use_auto_settingsbool, optional

Either if use or not auto settings in task/cores. It is not supported by all Setup.

num_variations_to_distributeint, optional

Number of variations to distribute. For this to take effect use_auto_settings must be set to True.

allowed_distribution_typeslist, optional

List of strings. Each string represents a distribution type. The default value None does nothing. An empty list [] disables all types.

revert_to_initial_meshbool, optional

Whether to revert to initial mesh before solving or not. Default is False.

blockingbool, optional

Whether to block script while analysis is completed or not. It works from AEDT 2023 R2. Default is True.


True when successful, False when failed.


>>> oDesign.Analyze