EDB: merge utility#

This example shows how you can use the PyAEDT toolkit to create the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for Windows usage. It runs a merge between two EDBs (package on board).

Download example#

The example contains everything that you need to run it. You can customize the JSON file to change the settings.

import tempfile

from pyaedt.downloads import download_edb_merge_utility

python_file = download_edb_merge_utility(force_download=True, destination=tempfile.gettempdir())
desktop_version = "2022.2"

Launch Python script#

You can launch a Python script in AEDT (Tools->Run Script) or from the CPython command line.

For this example, four items are downloaded:

  • package.aedb folder contains a package example.

  • board.aedb folder contains a board example.

  • merge_wizard.py file contains the Python script to run.

  • merge_wizard_settings.json file contains the settings.

You can launch the merge_wizard.py file in AEDT (Tools->Run Script) or from the # CPython command line. This script works only on Windows with UI.

The merge_wizard_settings.json file contains default settings that can be used in any other project to automatically load all settings.

You can edit the following lines to launch a Python script from the Python interpreter:

# from pyaedt.generic.toolkit import launch
# launch(python_file, specified_version=desktop_version, new_desktop_session=False, autosave=False)

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