EDB manager#

An AEDB database is a folder that contains the database representing any part of a PCB. It can be opened and edited using the Edb class.

HFSS 3D Layout is the tool used to visualize EDB content.

edb.Edb([edbpath, cellname, isreadonly, ...])

Provides the EDB application interface.

from pyaedt import Edb
# this call returns the Edb class initialized on 2022 R2
edb = Edb(myedb, edbversion="2022.2")


EDB modules#

This section lists the core EDB modules for reading and writing information to AEDB files.


Manages EDB components and related method accessible from Edb.core_components property.


Manages EDB method to configure Hfss setup accessible from Edb.core_hfss property.


Manages EDB methods related to Siwave Setup accessible from Edb.core_siwave property.


Manages EDB methods for nets management accessible from Edb.core_nets property.


Manages EDB methods for nets management accessible from Edb.core_padstack property.


Manages EDB methods for primitives management accessible from Edb.core_primitives property.


Manages EDB methods for stackup and material management accessible from the


Manages EDB methods for stackup accessible from Edb.stackup property.

from pyaedt import Edb
edb = Edb(myedb, edbversion="2022.2")

# this call returns the EdbHfss Class
comp = edb.core_hfss

# this call returns the Components Class
comp = edb.core_components

# this call returns the EdbSiwave Class
comp = edb.core_siwave

# this call returns the EdbPadstacks Class
comp = edb.core_padstack

# this call returns the EdbStackup Class
comp = edb.core_stackup